The 5 Most Tasty Sausages From Different Countries

By | April 4, 2020

Sausages have meat-based foods that are finely ground and mixed with several herbs. The word sausage itself comes from the Latin word “Salsus” which means preserved or marinated, in ancient times there was no cooling machine to preserve meat, and therefore made sausages into an alternative.

Sausages were made around 300SM by Sumarians who are now renamed Iraq, in the development of sausages into foods that are very well known by the whole world, for Germans sausages are including primary foods with more than 1200 types of sausages produced. Initially there was a butcher who had the idea to unite the meat mill with herbs and salt, which were put together in one sleeve, then the shell was boiled, smoked or dried

In Indonesia, sausages are one of the secondary foods, generally sausages are only grilled, fried or boiled. Many restaurants or roadside eating places that sell sausages with a variety of processed, not only in restaurants, processed sausages can you make yourself at home created according to your taste. In various countries this has the best sausages that the world also recognizes, what sausages they are

The Most Delicious Sausage Type in the World

This Chorizo ​​originates from the lberia peninsula, which is usually made from pork. Generally this chorizo ​​is wrapped in natural ingredients namely intestine, the way the packaging with the intestine has been used since Roman times. These sausages from Spain must be cooked before eating. This societal characteristic is dark red and smokiness.

How to consume chorizo ​​sausage can be used as a sandwich, fried, boiled, baked, and can be cooked according to your wishes. This sausage can also be a substitute for pork or beef

Bologna or commonly known as boloney, bologna originated from Italy, but the Americans later inherited this sausage and made it one of the most favorite lunch menus in the country. While the original from Italy is known by the name Mortadella, which contains large chunks of fat. American bologna sausages usually use pork, but can also use chicken, beef, turkey, or other meat, finely ground and then added with spices, this type of sausage looks similar to ham because it is very smooth

In Roman soondae, this sausage came from Korea. Korean sausages are generally made with cow or pork intestine stew mixed with other ingredients. Sundae is a kind of blood sausage that has been consumed by Korean society for a long time

In the 19th century Joseon cookbooks were published, and recipes for making sundaes were found in the book, such as Gyuhap Chongseo ”and“ Siuijeonseo, ”sundae made with seafood into ojing-eo sundae or squid squid squid and myaetae sundae or Alaska pollock sundae).

Generally the type of sundae is made from pig intestine containing glass noodles made from sweet potato starch, barley, and pig blood, while other types contain perilla leaves, leeks, doenjang paste or fermented soybeans, and many more.

This sundae can be found on the side of the road, because sundae is a type of street food that is very popular in South and North Korea, usually Koreans eat sundae with tteokbokki sauce

Sausages originating from North Africa that arrived in the United States through France, are generally made with goat meat. The taste of this sausage is spicy because there is the addition of harissa sauce, paprika, cumin and other spices.

You can find this sausage on the roadside at a place like Tunisia, marguez has a bright red color and long, slim shape and tastes very good. This sausage is usually served with fried potatoes, baked, or cooked with a mixture of other ingredients.

This sausage is made from a mixture of veal, beef, or pork, this sausage comes from Germany, brought by German immigrants to the United States in ancient times. Bratwurst is very popular because of its unique taste thanks to herbs such as nutmeg and sage. And usually cooked by boiling with beer or with other ingredients

Those are some of the most delicious sausages from various countries, if you have a charm you can try one of these sausages, in Indonesia alone there are many types of processed sausages that are no less tasty than other countries