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Binder Flour - 1/2 lb Bag
Binder flour   For use as a binder/filler to help retain natural juices in the meat ..
Corn Syrup Solids - 1 lb
Excellent binding quality when sausage is cured at low temperatures.  This is important in the ..
Grammy's Dextrose Powder
Dextrose is used as a browning agent in breakfast sausage. It also assist in fermentaiton when proce..
Poppy's Natural Hickory Smoke Dust
Use it as a powder, or mix it with water to make your own "Liquid Smoke" using Poppy's Natural Hicko..
Pure New Hampshire Maple Sugar
Pure New Hampshire Maple Sugar. Use in breakfast links to get that maple taste or add to your oatmea..
Soy Protein
This soy protein is useful as a binder for emulsified meats such as hot dogs & knockwurst. Also ..
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