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Remote Smoker Thermometer (ET-73) by Maverick

Remote Smoker Thermometer (ET-73) by Maverick
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This unit allows you to cook and monitor two separate pieces of meat, even of different types with different 'done' levels!  The Dual-Probe Thermometer features a transmitter that reads the internal food temperature with digital electronic food probes, then sends that information wirelessly up to 100 ft away, freeing you from standing next to the over or grill during the cooking period.  When the desired temperature is reached an alarm goes off.  The taste or "doneness" of meats can be determined to be rare, medium, medium well, or well done based on the type of food and the internal temperature reached during cooking... separately.

  • Choose from 6 types of meat: beef, turkey, pork, veal, lamb or chicken

  • Choose "doneness": rare, medium, medium well, well done as appropriate for each meat, or choose your own target "set" temperature up to 410F and in your choice of F or C

  • Display shows actual internal food temperature for one or two different foods

  • Built-in cooking timer

  • Probes are stainless steel with 40" flexible braided stainless steel sheathed connecting wires which is all temperature resistant to over 500F

  • Transmitter features a display of actual internal food temperatures, and a red LED indicating transmissions which occur whenever temperature changes by 1/2

  • (4) AA batteries included

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