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Hog Casings - Hank - 33-36mm

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This hank of DeWied REAL brand hog casings have been produced to DeWied's highest standards.  Knife cut hog casings have been separated from the ruffle fat with a knife which leaves a layer of fat along the inside curve of the casing. After passing through the cleaning process this fat layer is reduced to some threads of connective tissue which are commonly called whiskers. Knife cut casings are stronger than handpulled because the outer collagen layer was not broken during the cutting process. This also implies that knife cut casings will have longer strands and less holes than handpulled.

  • 33-36mm diameter casings

  • Package contains a standard hank length of 100 yards (91 meters)

  • Approx. 16 strands

  • Pre-flushed and washed hog casings packed in a salt brine.

  • Sorted and sized using a calibrated water-fill method (95% accurate)

  • Casing lengths from 2 yards to 3.3 yards

  • Crisper 'bite' or 'snap' and ideal for high speed automated linking and hanging equipment

As there are several levels of casing quality, don't settle for less than premium DeWied REAL hog casings.

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