7 Different Types of Sausages from Around the World You Must Know

By | November 13, 2019

Sausage, this culinary has indeed become the most preferred instant culinary. Sausages have a unique long oval shape so it is easily recognizable. Sausages are made from various minced meat such as pork, beef, lamb, and chicken which are then given a variety of spices and stuffed into the intestines of animals that have been washed and then boiled, steamed, or smoked until cooked. Over time, the use of animal intestines is replaced by using edible synthetic ingredients. If stored in the refrigerator, the sausage can hold for days. The most use of sausages is for pizza topping and European breakfast menus. For those of you who like to eat sausages, it turns out there are many kinds of culinary around the world, let’s see!

1.Bockwurst and Knockwurst sausages from Germany

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In his home country, bockwurst sausages and knockwurst are the most famous. Both types of sausages are also the most widely imported, one of which is to Indonesia. You can easily find bockwurst sausages and knockwurst at supermarkets or Indonesian supermarkets. The difference between bockwurst and knockwurst is that bockwurst is made from beef, lamb or turkey which is seasoned with more seasonings such as white pepper, salt, paprika, onion, and parsley. While knockwurst is made from only beef and pork flavored with garlic.

2.Sausage Andouille from France

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French andouille sausage is made from pork mixed with various spices and chopped garlic, paprika and black pepper. Jerohan is a thing that is rarely used in French cuisine, so they process these spices by chewing or chopped and then made into a sausage mixture. This is what makes Andouille sausages have a very chewy texture.

3.Cotechino sausages from Italy

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Italy is not only famous for pasta and pizza, but also sausages that are no less tasty than German sausages. This cotechino sausage is made from a mixture of chopped pork, pork rind, and pork nose and then given nuts and spices typical of Italy. The shape is quite large compared to most sausages and the texture is not too dense.

4.Loukaniko sausages from Greece

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Loukaniko sausages originating from Greece in terms of appearance are more colorful and appetizing because they are made from a mixture of ingredients that are quite unique namely from pork or lamb chopped given orange leaves, garlic, coriander leaves, oregano, thyme, and which making it unique is the use of oranges and grapes in it. Don’t you imagine the taste of this fruit sausage?

5.Sausages Merguez and Boerewors from Africa

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If most sausages are made from beef or pork, sausages from Africa are actually made from fresh lamb. Although both use lamb meat, but the spices used are different. Merguez originating from North Africa uses sharper spices such as cumin, cayenne pepper, harissa, garlic, fennel, and so on. Whereas boerewors from South Africa use more fat with coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and vinegar.

6.Cervelat Sausage from Switzerland

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Cervelat sausage originating from Switzerland is made from a mixture of beef, bacon and pork skin so that the texture is rather rough with a very simple spice that is white pepper and coriander. The uniqueness of this sausage is the cooking process that is smoked first and then boiled until cooked.

7.Sausage Chorizo ​​from Mexic

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Finally there are social chorizo ​​which originates from Mexico. This sausage is made from beef glands that are still fresh and then seasoned with paprika, chili and vinegar so that the color is reddish than other sausages. Chorizo ​​is usually fermented by drying or smoking so that the texture becomes denser. Chorizo ​​is not only commonly found in Mexico but also Portuguese and Spanish.

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